Heal your relationship
with yourself

Life doesn’t have to be a struggle. Our trauma-informed counsellors are here to remind you that safety is your right and that a meaningful and connected life awaits.

A Mission To Restore Vitality

Are you feeling burned out or struggling with isolation? Are the life-strategies you learned during childhood no longer serving you?

Have you lost your motivation or feel ashamed that you are not doing enough?

The parts of us that hurt also reveal opportunities for growth and healing. Find support with one of our counsellors and learn to explore these opportunities.

Our mission is to remind you that you make sense, you are not broken, and that connection heals

Choose to Thrive

Work with us and learn to:
  • Know yourself better
  • Pursue work and relationships that bring you joy
  • Stop living in reaction to your childhood pain
  • Take better care of yourself
  • Spend more time doing things you enjoy
  • Set healthier boundaries with others
  • Ask for what you need
  • Rediscover joy

What Makes Us Unique

Our therapy models are based on the integration of body, mind, and emotion, instead of focusing on just one.

We work to normalize mental health struggleswe want you to realize that you aren’t broken and that your struggles make sense.

We go the extra mile to honour the individual journey of each client, in a way that feels safe, non-transactional, and free from jargon.

Meet the Thrive Team

We are a young, diverse team with a mission: to make you feel seen heard, and understood.

Our counsellors are also doing the work on themselves, every day—so you’ll never be working with someone who is burned out and miserable.

In-person sessions are available in our spacious, 8-foot distant rooms.

Thrive - a place to feel alive again

Thrive - a place to feel understood

Thrive - a place to remember joy

Thrive - a place to restore your spark

Thrive - a place to discover home


  • 5 star review  The counsellors at Thrive Downtown Counselling are professional, dependable and empathetic with an exceptional skill set to help you feel empowered to work through the situations you’ve been struggling with. If you’ve been struggling with anxiety, transitions, stress, relational issues, or trauma, I highly recommend booking an appointment with one of the counsellors at Thrive. The online booking system is so easy to use and you can book an appointment within seconds!

    thumb Jamie Sheets

    5 star review  Thank you Carson and the Thrive team. I am leaving a review based on my experience working with Thrive for over 5 years. The team at Thrive is well equipped, compassionate, respectfully sensitive, patient, and extremely skilled at unravelling my "big ball of yarn" chaos so that each thread could be treated finding valued-added experiences of my past for me to rebuild my new life. I only have positive regards and hold Carson and his team in the highest esteem. I am able to live an improved life and managing my wellness through the tools given to me from Thrive. Carson has been, and is, an anchor for me when storms rage and $h!+ hits the fan. I am forever grateful.

    thumb Eric L.
  • 5 star review  I've been attending Thrive for nearly two years now and they've been absolutely pivotal in the changes I've made to my life. Carson in particular has been nothing short of amazing. Extending support not just in sessions but making himself available to contact in any tough moment. Knowing that a counselor genuinely cares, and roots for, their clients is essential for trust. You get that here and more. 🙏

    thumb Aric Jerke

    5 star review  Absolute trust and integrity for the staff and professionals I have worked with here. At Thrive, I've known first-hand the expertise and empathy I feel from the clinicians when its time to face my personal work. And, I also have referred several colleagues and clients to the office, and fully believe in this supportive & healing environment.

    thumb James Alexander