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Our mission is to remind you that you make sense, you are not broken, and that connection heals.

Welcome to Thrive Counselling Center

We’ve been going since 2013 with one mission: provide genuine, unfiltered therapy to the people of Vancouver.


Our belief is that the deepest change happens when therapists are authentic with us. 


Whatever pain has brought you to Thrive, you can rest easy knowing that a down-to-earth person will be navigating it with you.

Thrive's Counsellors
Thrive's Counselling Room

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We’re passionate about transforming trauma, and are trained in many of the most modern therapies like EMDR, Internal Family Systems and Emotion Focused Therapy.


These are tried and tested styles of therapy that provide both immediate relief and work towards longterm, lasting change.



Our team brings wisdom from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds.


Whatever your perspective is on life, someone on our team will be able to meet you there.

Thrive is here to empower you with knowing that you are whole.


We’ll hold space for all the experiences and emotions of your journey.

We’re dedicated to therapy that is safe, non-transactional, and free from jargon.


(This is Serena’s dog Chester. His therapeutic relationships are non-transactional, too).

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Get to know our counsellors, and find one that resonates with you.

Individual Counselling

Take charge of your emotional well-being with one-on-one therapy sessions.

Couples Counselling

Deepen the safety and connection of your relationship with couples-focused therapy.

Low-Cost Counselling

Affordable therapy through supervised sessions with our interns.

EMDR Counselling

Book with our EMDR-certified therapists, getting the highest level of care.

Psychedelic Integration

Learn more about psychedelics and how to integrate your trips.

Meet Thrive’s
Counsellors & Therapists

We are a diverse team with one mission: to make you feel seen, heard, and understood.
Our counsellors also support each other as a group, ensuring that you’re always guided by someone who is emotionally healthy and connected themselves.

Andressa Taverna, Thrive's Registered Therapeutic Counsellor

Andressa Taverna

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor

Colter Long, Thrive's Registered Therapeutic Counsellor

Colter Long

Registered Clinical Counsellor, M.Ed.

Estairia Hong, Thrive's Registered Therapeutic and EMDR Trained Counsellor

Estairia Hong

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor,

EMDR Trained Counsellor

Jess Cumming Smiling

Jessica Cumming

Canadian Certified Counsellor, M.A.

EMDR Trained Counsellor

Joel Myers, Thrive's Registered Therapeutic and EMDR Trained Counsellor

Joel Myers

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor,

EMDR Trained Counsellor

Marwan Noueihed, Thrive's Registered Therapeutic and EMDR Trained Counsellor

Marwan Noueihed

Canadian Certified Counsellor, MCP.

EMDR Trained Counsellor

What our clients say about us

elizabeth ericson
elizabeth ericson
I have been doing counselling sessions with Giulia since June 2022 (25 sessions, 24 of which were online and 1 in person session). I never got past the introductory session with anyone else when I tried counselling before. Giulia is very caring and understanding, while telling the truth and pointing out things that I failed to notice on my own. If you are considering counselling, it really does make an impact when you seriously give it a try. My life has improved quite dramatically in the past year. I am so glad that I made the decision to finally prioritize my mental health and change my behaviours. I always look forward to my sessions with Giulia and I highly recommended talking to Giulia.
Kar Merr
Kar Merr
Thrive clinic is a special place. You can tell how much love and care the team has for their clients. I met Jess at a difficult time in my life. She created a space filled with warmth and safety, a place I felt comfortable to be vulnerable in. She cares deeply about her clients and brings her thoughtfulness and intelligence into every session. Through our sessions she’s helped me learn how to love every part of myself, to have skills outside our sessions to regulate my emotions and to help process blocks that have been holding me back in life. I can’t recommend Thrive enough. My time with Jess has changed my life and I’ll forever be grateful to her and the clinic.
John Harvey
John Harvey
I'll echo everyone else's extremely positive comments: Thrive is great. The process of being matched with someone is smooth and easy, the administrative side of things just works, but most importantly, the people are outstanding. I've worked with both Giulia and Serena and would recommend that anyone who thinks that they might benefit from talking to someone reach out. I'm very glad that I did. (Also, Serena's dog is super cute and you might get to meet him.)
Ariel Elise
Ariel Elise
I’ve been very fortunate to find incredible counselling services through Thrive - specifically when I was paired with Estairia. From the very beginning, I felt welcome and safe in the space. I knew I was paired with the exact right person, as connecting with Estairia was seamless and easy from the get-go. She’s an excellent listener and is always engaged in your topics. Most of all, she’s adaptable - what I mean by this is that she doesn’t stick to one therapy method or try to instill it upon you. For example, I don’t find CBT therapy incredibly helpful and I let Estairia know this from the start. What I needed were way deeper conversations that CBT therapy could not reach, and Estairia went above and beyond my expectations. Estairia has a very grounding, down-to-earth presence and approach. She’ll meet you at each issue you bring up with compassion and validation. She’s particularly versed in LGBTQ+ contexts, trauma-informed therapy, and spiritual topics. When I came to Thrive, I needed therapy that accommodated difficult topics around existentialism and metaphysics and I was truly blessed when Estairia was prepared to engage in these topics. I’m very grateful to have been connected with Estairia and coming to the actual counselling offices is a transformative experience in itself. I’ve noticed that every space I’ve entered so far has a colourful “theme” to it and honestly it makes me feel like I’m escaping reality to enter a beautiful safe haven for 50 minutes. I can assure you that these are not ordinary boring offices - these are extremely well-put-together spaces that really enhance the therapy experience. For those who are tired of speaking for 40 minutes and only getting 10 minutes worth of actual “therapy” from their therapist, you don’t have to worry about that here. I’ve experienced nothing but fruitful, engaging, and RECIPROCAL conversations. Above all else, I always leave the office with new thoughts/ways of thinking that I didn’t have previously. I'm happy to say that Thrive's been a great contribution to my healing journey. Highly recommend!
Simone van Reeuwyk
Simone van Reeuwyk
I've know Andressa as a participant and facilitator of weekly women's circles over the years. Her grounded presence, her nurturing energy, and her gentle guidance make her an amazing counsellor. I would absolutely recommend her counselling services to anyone!
Rachel Camara
Rachel Camara
I know Andressa from her time facilitating women's group. Andressa's passion and dedication towards personal development and empowerment is very clear and I believe she is excellent at providing a safe container for people to grow and open themselves up. I highly recommend Andressa as a counsellor!
Nathalie Schipper
Nathalie Schipper
I know Andressa from leading a women’s group that I was lucky enough to be a part of. Her guidance and intuition is profound. She has this deep wisdom and inner knowing that makes me feel incredibly safe. I would highly recommend Andressa as a counsellor.
Rémi Vuichard
Rémi Vuichard
I can't say enought good things about my experience with Thrive Downtown Counselling Centre in Vancouver ! I'm having sesssions with a very skilled, caring and wise counsellor called Fabiola Perez for a year and a half now (in presence and via Zoom as I live mostly in Switzerland). This therapy really helped and still helps me A LOT in my life. Thanks a lot Fabiola and Thrive Downtown Counselling Centre !
Marika Ai-Li
Marika Ai-Li
I met Andressa in a local women's circle, and I'm so grateful we crossed paths. She emanates such an inviting energy - I feel so safe to bring my whole self when we work together. Andressa has the natural ability to bring gentleness and boldness at the right moments as she guides you. Her wisdom, knowledge and integrity make her one of the best counsellors I've worked with. I highly recommend working with her!
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