Thrive is your reminder that life is more than fighting stress or shutting down to avoid it.

Underneath the layers of overwhelm, self-criticism, depression and anxiety, traumatic stress and foggy detachment is something you forgot: A self that can feel safely present in life and in relationships, and one that can live authentically and with purpose. Our mission is to remind you that you make sense, you are not broken, and that connection heals.

COVID-19 Response

Distant But Connected

Regardless of where you are, you are close. Sessions available over phone, computer or tablet.

Sliding Rates During Distancing

In response to economic anxieties, our counsellors offer sliding rates to help you stay connected.

30-Minute Checkins

If you don’t want to do deep work over a device, we offer a brief phone or video call to help you stay connected.

Free Support Group

No-cost weekly support meeting, accessible with any digital device.

Staying Connected

In this era of physical distancing, social connection is more important than ever. Our health and wellbeing relies on feeling seen, heard and understood by others. Too much isolation or not enough space can reveal the parts of us that hurt. And yet for that same reason this is an opportunity for growth and healing. We are honoured to support you in this journey.

Address (see map)
Thrive Downtown Counselling Centre
518-470 Granville St.
Vancouver, BC, V6C 1V5