Couples Counselling

Cultivate joy and resilience in your relationship

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Safe connections help us heal

A happy couple with the woman piggyback riding on the man, both looking at the camera with big smiles.

Feeling understood, supported, and accepted by a loved one is how nature makes us resilient to stress and tragedy.


Love and care can make us physically healthier. Yet, when we feel invalidated, let down, or unsupported, the opposite is true.


Our brains light up in pain, and our bodies sense danger. Suddenly, a safe connection is flipped on its head, actually becoming a source of stress.

Does this sound familiar?

When your partner doesn’t seem to listen, tries too hard to ‘solve the problem,’ shuts down or disappears into work, they may have a concealed message: “I feel totally overwhelmed like I can’t do anything right in your eyes. I feel you can’t love me as I am. Being criticized by you is so scary that it’s easier just to disappear.”

If you feel nagged by a partner who won’t get off your back, there may be a softer message that is harder to hear: “I feel so scared and alone right now. I want to tell my partner how much I need them here with me, but I feel like they’ve abandoned me because I am ‘too much.’ I try to tell them I need them but it comes out as anger and it pushes them away even more.”

Learn to interpret the messages hidden in your disagreements

The secret to restoring a safe connection is learning to recognize and interpret the messages hidden underneath your disagreements.


Through Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, our counsellors will help both of you:


  • Recognize the positive intentions underneath all the arguments, defensiveness, and protest
  • Overcome negative cycles and patterns of behaviour
  • Learn to tackle problems together as a team
  • Understand how to nourish each other and foster resilience in your relationship
  • Feel present and safe with each other
  • Rediscover the joy of being together

At Thrive, you will find a safe and non-biased space where you will quickly see this isn’t about being right.


It is about feeling heard and understood, and learning that it isn’t you versus each other, it is both of you versus destructive styles of problem-solving.


Learn to break the cycle. A world of care and kindness awaits.

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Fear and anger are just the shadows of love — learn to face and integrate them together

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Couples Counselling FAQs

What is couples counselling?

Couples counselling, also known as couples therapy, is a type of psychotherapy that helps couples explore, identify, and resolve conflicts to improve their relationships and interactions. Through couples counselling, couples can make thoughtful decisions about rebuilding their relationship or going their separate ways. Couples counselling is conducted by a licensed couple therapist with specific training in family systems and couple dynamics. During the sessions, the therapist will help both partners to communicate better, negotiate differences, and solve underlying issues.

Who needs couple counselling?

Couples Counselling is ideal for couples experiencing one or more of the following:

  • Communication Issues
  • Affairs and Infidelity
  • Trust Issues
  • Major Life Transitions
  • Parenting Challenges
  • Couples Contemplating Divorce or Separation
  • Sexual and Emotional Intimacy Issues
  • Different Cultural and Religious Backgrounds
  • Chronic Stress and Mental Health Issues
  • Financial Stress and Disagreements
  • Addictions and Substance Abuse
  • Relationship Uncertainty
  • Differences in Life Goals and Values

What are the benefits of couples counselling?

Here are the major benefits of couples counselling:

  • Enhanced Communication Skills
  • Conflict Resolution Strategies
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Deepening Understanding and Empathy
  • Addressing Underlying Issues
  • Building Trust and Intimacy
  • Preventing Future Issues

What can I do if my partner does not want to go for couples counselling?

It’s important to approach such situations with understanding and patience, recognising that the reluctance to seek counselling often stems from fear, misunderstanding, or stigma associated with therapy.

  • Explore the reasons behind their reluctance.
  • Address the concerns of your partner.
  • Educate your partner about couples counselling and its benefits.
  • Suggest a trial period or limited session.
  • Suggest to choose a Couple Counsellor together.
  • Share success stories of other couples.
  • Be patient and let them think.
  • Respect their decision.

Can couples counselling work?

Yes! With commitment to attend sessions and to release the grip of needing to be ‘right,’ couples regularly improve their connections.