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Take care of yourself during isolation.

What to do when social distancing is both necessary for public health, yet hard on mental wellbeing? The Thrive Team reminds you that being seen, heard and understood is necessary to feel at our best. The choice to stay at home doesn’t need to interrupt healing, growth and positive self development.

 Novel COVID-19 is keeping us locked down. Isolation and catastrophic thinking can encourage feelings of fear, anxiety and helplessness.  As daily life is interrupted we may lose sight of personal development and slip into a crisis state of ‘fight or flight.’

And yet… We are all in this together. United through crisis, we have the opportunity to discover deeper levels of resilience, self-care and love for others. It is a measure of strength to stay open and connected to your heart during periods of stress. We offer support in doing so.


Online sessions through encrypted video helps to maintain care and support through times of stress.

With fewer face-to-face connections and more time being alone, here are some ways to cope with anxiety and distress.

Acknowledge your feelings. It’s completely normal to have strong emotional reactions to a situation like this. Allow yourself time to notice and express what you’re feeling, whether it’s through writing it down or talking with others.

Maintain a daily routine where possible. A healthy routine keeps most of us grounded. Try to set regular times for eating, exercising, sleeping and talking to others even with a loss of outside forces creating a daily schedule.

Set limits around news and social media. Staying informed is important to avoid fear and panic caused by misinformation. However, constant repetition of media coverage can alter your perceptions and intensify anxiety about your situation. Take a break from social media when there is no new information, and focus on the positive things in your life that you do have control over.

Stay connected. We are wired to our core as social beings. We aren’t meant to be alone. Talking through fears and feelings with others can transform anxiety into resilience, tapping into the profound relief we draw from social support. Remaining connected to others is a necessary step in our inevitable conquering of this challenge to humanity.

 We are here for you.

Don’t let a virus get in the way of your health and growth. Our Registered Counsellors provide skilled and compassionate care that can help to turn challenge into opportunity. Sessions start from as low as $30/50 minutes.

Your Questions

Is Thrive right for me?

If you know your life could be better, but just don’t know how to get there…
If you want to wake up every day feeling motivated and passionate about your life…
If you’re ready to leave behind your past and put work into yourself where it counts most…
Then congratulations, we’ll do amazing things together!

How fast will I experience results?

We’re not just saying this for hype, but we’ve had clients tell us about immediate changes for good they were able to make in their lives after only 3 weeks with us. Once you’ve made the commitment to yourself to improve, you’ll see powerful, lasting results in your mental state, your energy, your happiness, and your relationship is as little as six weeks. And if you’re not the type to commit – even to yourself – don’t worry, that’s where our road will begin together.

Does insurance cover your fees?

Yes! Our Registered Clinical Counsellors (R.C.C.)’s fees are reimbursed by many extended medical plans such as Pacific Blue Cross, Great-West Life, EAPS, and ihaveaplan.ca (UBC/SFU students).

How private are our sessions?

Our therapists comply with Canadian health regulations around privacy, and our records are kept under military-grade encryption.

Unless you or those close to you are in imminent danger, anything in session stays between you and your counsellor. (Your clinician will review confidentiality in your first session).