Low Cost Counsellors

Choose a low cost counsellor that resonates with you.

Thrive Downtown Counselling Centre’s low-cost counsellors provide compassionate and professional support for your mental health needs. Our intern counsellors, under the guidance of senior registered counsellors, offer a supportive and nurturing environment, making mental health services more accessible and affordable. Their dedication plays a key role in Thrive’s mission to provide quality mental health support to those in need.

Low Cost Counsellor

Jes Logher, an Intern Counsellor

Jes Logher

Intern Counsellor

Embarking on the path of self-discovery and emotional well-being is much like traversing a trail through the diverse landscapes of life.  Just as a trail winds through valleys and climbs hills, our lives are a series of highs and lows. I believe that within everyone lies an incredible capacity for growth and resilience, much like the alpine flowers that find their way through the cracks…

andrew jarvis

Andrew Jarvis

Intern Counsellor

Life can be immensely challenging, and asking for help can be a battle in and of itself. Reaching out is a profoundly courageous act and I commend you for it. Numbness, anger, anxiety, and depression are ways that our bodies communicate with us, carrying the message that it is time to speak to the parts of ourselves we locked away…

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