Marsh Cooper — Low Cost Counselling

A crucial part of Thrive Downtown Counselling Centre is its low-cost counselling option. Currently, I am one of four counsellors doing their university-supported internship through Thrive. Below you will find a short video of myself, speaking with the experience of someone who has worked as an intern at Thrive over the last year as part of their reduced fee counselling stream.

In the video, I highlight some of the things you might be wondering about as you are considering the low-cost option here at Thrive. Keep in mind you can book a free 15-minute exploratory conversation with anyone in the low-cost counselling team and that a full 50-minute session with a low-cost counsellor costs only $60. We are here to help with anxiety, depression, trauma in the form of individual counselling, couples counselling and career counselling.


Marsh is an intern counsellor at Thrive.