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The Thrive Team Has Spoken On

The Thrive Team Has Spoken On






Thriving Through the Coronavirus

As cases of the coronavirus rise in Canada, many of us are self-isolating and reducing our social connections. At a time with such uncertainty about the future, having nobody to talk to can make anxiety skyrocket. Depression and fear are heavier to bear when we feel that we have no choice but to stay at home.

At Thrive, we’ve based our whole careers around understanding these thoughts, feelings and personal road-blocks. Our respectful compassion, ongoing education and caring commitment to our clients’ healing continues to be available in this time while respecting the current environment of social distancing.

Schedule a video call with us. You’re not alone.

Live authentically so that you don’t someday look back like, “Whose life did I live?”

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With care and compassion, self-destructive habits can transform into growth and balanced forward momentum.



“James’ genuine enthusiasm for the efforts I was putting into my life gave me the motivation to make the changes I need.”


“Working with Matt challenged my way of thinking, and my life today is miles above where it was even a year ago.”


“Carson’s fierce protectiveness gave me the strength to stand up and fight for what I wanted on my own!”

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“Discovering Thrive was probably where my journey towards my own goals really started…”

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