Online Counselling

Sep 29, 2023

Online Counselling

Healing Hearts and Minds with Virtual Counselling

Experience the online therapy sessions in the comfort of your space with registered counsellors in Canada

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.
— Oscar Wilde

Heal Beyond Boundaries with Thrive’s Online Counselling Services

Life’s challenges can get overwhelming, and geographical limitations should not prevent you from getting the help you deserve. Our web-based counselling services help you with any issues you may be facing, whether it’s stress, anxiety, relationship problems, self-esteem, or anything else. We aim to eliminate barriers and allow you to have a meaningful video counselling session from the comfort of your space, seamlessly fitting into your schedule. Experience the power of connection, healing, and thriving through our exceptional online counselling services.  Together, we’ll navigate challenges, foster resilience, and help you achieve the fulfilling life you deserve.

Why Choose Online Counselling?

Life’s demands can make it hard to put yourself first. Commute, time constraints,  and distance all can get in the way of in person counsellimg. 

In such a digital world, mental wellbeing services are evolving to meet your needs.  With an internet connection and device, the online therapy approach offers advantages in accessibility, convenience and efficacy, and research-backed benefits.

  • Easily connect with a counsellor who understands your unique challenges, regardless of location.
  • Say goodbye to the stress of juggling commitments or rushing to appointments during your busy schedule.
  • Smoother and seamless transitioning between in-person counselling and online sessions.
    • Freely express your authentic thoughts and emotions from the comfort of your own space

      Limitations of Traditional In-Person Counselling Approach

      Both traditional in-person counselling and online counselling can be equally effective. However, online counselling can fill the gap left by the traditional approach, especially distance and limited options for local mental health counsellors. This can be a major concern, potentially preventing you from finding a mental health professional who aligns with your preferences and unique needs. It can be challenging for individuals with mobility issues or physical disabilities to access the care they need. Sometimes, commuting to in-person appointments can be stressful and time-consuming, impacting the overall effectiveness of the session. It’s also true that people are busy, and conflicting schedules can make it difficult to coordinate in-person sessions. At Thrive, we understand the importance of modernizing mental health support. We have designed our online counselling services to overcome these limitations, providing a modern approach that respects your needs and priorities.

      Thrive’s Approach to Web Based Counselling: A Personalised, Supportive, and Transformative Care

      Thrive is set to fulfill the mission of helping our clients to become who they are more fully. Our therapy models are rooted in the holistic integration of your total self—thoughts, behaviours, feelings and relationships. We strongly believe people can naturally reach their true selves in a secure and supportive environment. We know every individual is unique, and we maintain a personalized approach to online counselling that Thrive is known for. 


      Take Control of Your Well-being with Online Counselling

      How Online Counselling Works?

      To begin online counselling with us, simply book through our online calendar, contact form, or phone call. You’ll hear from one of us to either set up a full session or 15-minute check to ensure it feels like a good fit.

      Together with your therapist, you’ll set goals for your journey, regularly monitor your progress and make adjustments as necessary.

      Individual Session in process

      Modes of Online Communication

      Whether you opt for video, voice, or text-based sessions, we aim to provide a compassionate and transformative counselling experience.


      Video Counselling Session

      • Good internet connection
      • Computer, tablet or smartphone with a good microphone and camera
      • Platform: Zoom
      Free Consult

      Voice Counselling Session

      • Good internet connection
      • Any device with a good microphone
      Book Online

      Text-based Counselling Session

      • Good internet connection
      • Any device with the keyboard

      Book your Free Initial Consultation

      Setting Up Your Online Counselling Environment

      • Choose a quiet space with minimal external noise.
      • Don’t change your space—present it just as you are naturally.
      • Ensure reliable internet coverage in your chosen space.
      • Select a secure space where you can freely express yourself.
      • Use headphones in shared spaces for added privacy.

      Ensuring Your Privacy and Confidentiality

      We take extensive measures to provide a secure and confidential web based counselling experience, protecting your privacy. 

      • Secure Platform

      Our chosen platform is Zoom, which employs advanced encryption measures to protect your communications from end to end, ensuring that only you and your therapist can access your sessions.

      • Data Storage Policies

      We strongly follow Canada’s professional and personal privacy standards to create a safe and confidential space where you can address your concerns without worrying about data breaches or unauthorized access.

      Pricing, Packages and Session Detail


      Trauma-Informed Counselling

      50 MINUTES $165
      80 MINUTES $225
      Free Consult

      Couples Counselling

      50 MINUTES $200
      80 MINUTES $300

      Low-Cost Counselling

      50 MINUTES $65
      50 MINUTES $80

      Free Consult

      Psychedelic Integration

      50 MINUTES $165


      Our clinical counsellors are covered under most Extended Health Plans, but always call or check online to ensure your plan covers counselling specifically.

      Safety Protocols and Emergency Procedures

      • It’s important to check that your computer, internet connection, microphone, and camera work correctly for each session.
      • It is also recommended to test the software you’ll be using. 
      • In case of a poor internet connection or device glitches, it’s recommended to have a backup plan, such as mobile data or extra devices.
      • If any glitches occur during the session, we’ll resolve them promptly and continue with the counselling as planned. However, if the issue persists and cannot resolve quickly, we may need to reschedule.

      Thrive Can Help You

      Your problems do not define you. We truly understand that everyone faces their unique challenges and struggles in life. We offer online counselling and psychotherapy services to help you overcome these mental health challenges but not limited to:

      • Addiction and Substance Abuse
      • Anger and Irritability
      • Anxiety
      • Chronic Pain
      • Chronic Stress
      • Couples Counselling
      • Cultivating Assertiveness and Learning to ‘Use Your Voice’
      • Depression
      • Developmental or Early-life Trauma
      • Grief, Loss and Life Transitions
      • Inner Critic
      • Low Self-esteem or Self-value
      • Performance Anxiety
      • Phobias and Fears
      • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
      • Relationship Issues
      • Saying No and Setting Boundaries
      • Self-destructive Patterns of Behaviour
      • Self-esteem and Self-worth Issues
      Thrive Counselling Team

      Accessibility and Special Considerations with Inclusive Space

      Catering to Diverse Needs, Creating Inclusive Space

      We are committed to providing an inclusive and accessible online counselling experience for all individuals, regardless of their abilities or unique needs. We’ve designed our services to be accommodating and user-friendly for individuals with disabilities. We understand that everyone’s journey toward well-being is different, and we make sure that our web based counselling services are accessible to all. If you have specific accessibility requirements or special considerations, please let us know. Your well-being matters to us, and we guarantee that every aspect of your experience is supported and considered.

      Regions We Serve

      Our physical location is in Vancouver. However, our virtual doors are open to individuals from all provinces and territories in Canada. 

      Our Counselling Services

      Image of two head drawn on board one showing ADHD brain and another showing normal brain


      Harness your energy. Find focus with ADHD Counselling.

      Free Consult

      Individual Counselling

      Take charge of your emotional well-being by seeking out individual counselling today!
      Couples Counselling

      Couples Counselling

      Deepen the safety and connection of your relationship with couples-focused therapy:
      low cost counselling

      Low-Cost Counselling

      Take the first step towards emotional well-being by exploring low-cost counselling options with us today!
      EMDR Logo

      EMDR Counselling

      The goal of the therapy is to change the way that memory is stored in the brain, ultimately reducing problematic symptoms.
      Psychedelic Integration

      Psychedelic Integration

      Learn more about psychedelics and how to integrate your trips:

      Meet Our Counsellors & Therapists


      elizabeth ericson
      elizabeth ericson
      I have been doing counselling sessions with Giulia since June 2022 (25 sessions, 24 of which were online and 1 in person session). I never got past the introductory session with anyone else when I tried counselling before. Giulia is very caring and understanding, while telling the truth and pointing out things that I failed to notice on my own. If you are considering counselling, it really does make an impact when you seriously give it a try. My life has improved quite dramatically in the past year. I am so glad that I made the decision to finally prioritize my mental health and change my behaviours. I always look forward to my sessions with Giulia and I highly recommended talking to Giulia.
      Kar Merr
      Kar Merr
      Thrive clinic is a special place. You can tell how much love and care the team has for their clients. I met Jess at a difficult time in my life. She created a space filled with warmth and safety, a place I felt comfortable to be vulnerable in. She cares deeply about her clients and brings her thoughtfulness and intelligence into every session. Through our sessions she’s helped me learn how to love every part of myself, to have skills outside our sessions to regulate my emotions and to help process blocks that have been holding me back in life. I can’t recommend Thrive enough. My time with Jess has changed my life and I’ll forever be grateful to her and the clinic.
      John Harvey
      John Harvey
      I'll echo everyone else's extremely positive comments: Thrive is great. The process of being matched with someone is smooth and easy, the administrative side of things just works, but most importantly, the people are outstanding. I've worked with both Giulia and Serena and would recommend that anyone who thinks that they might benefit from talking to someone reach out. I'm very glad that I did. (Also, Serena's dog is super cute and you might get to meet him.)
      Ariel Elise
      Ariel Elise
      I’ve been very fortunate to find incredible counselling services through Thrive - specifically when I was paired with Estairia. From the very beginning, I felt welcome and safe in the space. I knew I was paired with the exact right person, as connecting with Estairia was seamless and easy from the get-go. She’s an excellent listener and is always engaged in your topics. Most of all, she’s adaptable - what I mean by this is that she doesn’t stick to one therapy method or try to instill it upon you. For example, I don’t find CBT therapy incredibly helpful and I let Estairia know this from the start. What I needed were way deeper conversations that CBT therapy could not reach, and Estairia went above and beyond my expectations. Estairia has a very grounding, down-to-earth presence and approach. She’ll meet you at each issue you bring up with compassion and validation. She’s particularly versed in LGBTQ+ contexts, trauma-informed therapy, and spiritual topics. When I came to Thrive, I needed therapy that accommodated difficult topics around existentialism and metaphysics and I was truly blessed when Estairia was prepared to engage in these topics. I’m very grateful to have been connected with Estairia and coming to the actual counselling offices is a transformative experience in itself. I’ve noticed that every space I’ve entered so far has a colourful “theme” to it and honestly it makes me feel like I’m escaping reality to enter a beautiful safe haven for 50 minutes. I can assure you that these are not ordinary boring offices - these are extremely well-put-together spaces that really enhance the therapy experience. For those who are tired of speaking for 40 minutes and only getting 10 minutes worth of actual “therapy” from their therapist, you don’t have to worry about that here. I’ve experienced nothing but fruitful, engaging, and RECIPROCAL conversations. Above all else, I always leave the office with new thoughts/ways of thinking that I didn’t have previously. I'm happy to say that Thrive's been a great contribution to my healing journey. Highly recommend!
      Simone van Reeuwyk
      Simone van Reeuwyk
      I've know Andressa as a participant and facilitator of weekly women's circles over the years. Her grounded presence, her nurturing energy, and her gentle guidance make her an amazing counsellor. I would absolutely recommend her counselling services to anyone!
      Rachel Camara
      Rachel Camara
      I know Andressa from her time facilitating women's group. Andressa's passion and dedication towards personal development and empowerment is very clear and I believe she is excellent at providing a safe container for people to grow and open themselves up. I highly recommend Andressa as a counsellor!
      Nathalie Schipper
      Nathalie Schipper
      I know Andressa from leading a women’s group that I was lucky enough to be a part of. Her guidance and intuition is profound. She has this deep wisdom and inner knowing that makes me feel incredibly safe. I would highly recommend Andressa as a counsellor.
      Rémi Vuichard
      Rémi Vuichard
      I can't say enought good things about my experience with Thrive Downtown Counselling Centre in Vancouver ! I'm having sesssions with a very skilled, caring and wise counsellor called Fabiola Perez for a year and a half now (in presence and via Zoom as I live mostly in Switzerland). This therapy really helped and still helps me A LOT in my life. Thanks a lot Fabiola and Thrive Downtown Counselling Centre !
      Marika Ai-Li
      Marika Ai-Li
      I met Andressa in a local women's circle, and I'm so grateful we crossed paths. She emanates such an inviting energy - I feel so safe to bring my whole self when we work together. Andressa has the natural ability to bring gentleness and boldness at the right moments as she guides you. Her wisdom, knowledge and integrity make her one of the best counsellors I've worked with. I highly recommend working with her!

      Our Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy

      We understand that unexpected situations happen; hence we have a fair policy for cancellations and rescheduling to ensure accessibility for clients and counsellors.

      • Cancellation

        We require a minimum of 48 hours notice before the scheduled session time for cancellations. Your proactive communication allows us to manage our resources efficiently and offer the slot to others in need.

      • Rescheduling

        To accommodate changes in session timings or rescheduling, notify us at least 48 hours before the original scheduled time. We can adjust schedules appropriately and continue providing our services effectively.

      • Late Cancellations and No-Shows

        Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice may result in a cancellation fee. The full session fee may be charged in the event of a no-show.

      Online Counselling FAQs:

      Is online counselling as effective as in-person counselling?

      Absolutely yes! Online counselling is as effective as in-person counselling for various mental health concerns. It offers accessibility, convenience, and comfort, allowing individuals to engage consistently and openly.

      What types of issues can be addressed through online counselling?

      Online counselling is a versatile approach that effectively addresses a wide spectrum of mental health issues. It can assist with depression, anxiety, stress management, relationship issues, grief, trauma, self-esteem, life transitions, addiction, parenting challenges, and anger management.

      How long is each online counselling session?

      Our counselling sessions typically range from 50 to 80 minutes, although the duration may vary based on the type of session. If you have any inquiries on the duration details of your session, please get in touch with us so we can provide you with the appropriate timings.

      Can I switch from online counselling to in-person sessions, or vice versa?

      Certainly, we offer a flexible approach that caters to your evolving needs and comfort level. You can start with online sessions and switch to in-person meetings later on or the other way around. If you have any questions or are contemplating a change, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

      Is online counselling available for international clients or those in different time zones?

      We currently serve clients located in Vancouver, Canada. However, please get in touch with us if you are in a different time zone. We will work together to find suitable session timing.

      How much does online therapy cost in Canada?

      Online therapy costs between $150 to $270, depending on the type and length of the counselling. However, at Thrive, we also offer low-cost counselling services that range from $65 to $80.

      Is Zoom safe for online counselling?

      Yes, Zoom is safe and widely used for online counselling purposes. The platform has implemented various security measures to prioritize your privacy and confidentiality.

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