Andrew Jarvis, CD

Intern Counsellor
Supervised by Director

Have patience with everything unresolved and try to love the questions themselves.


Areas of Interest

  • Identity, Meaning and Purpose
  • First Responders and Other Uniformed Personnel (Military, Police, Corrections, Firefighters, Paramedics)
  • Men's Issues and Masculinity
  • Problematic Pornography Use
  • Couples/Partnerships
  • Service Related/Professional Issues (Including Trauma/PTSD)


  • Narrative Therapy
  • Existential Humanistic
  • Strengths-Based


  • Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology


  • Individual Therapy (50min): $65
  • WEB-BASED Individual Therapy (50 Mins): $65
  • Couples Therapy (50min): $80
  • WEB-BASED Couples Therapy (50 Mins): $80

Covered under most Extended Benefits Plans


  • English
  • Québécois

Life can be immensely challenging, and asking for help can be a battle in and of itself. Reaching out is a profoundly courageous act, and I commend you for it.


Hurt afflicts us all, and many of us build barriers to protect ourselves against it. There may come a time, however, when these barriers are so robust that we become isolated even from the beautiful things. Numbness, anger, anxiety, and depression are ways that our bodies communicate with us, carrying the message that it is time to speak to the parts of ourselves we locked away.


At its most basic, therapy is a conversation. You tell me the truth, and I listen. Together, we co-create and travel a path towards wellness, whatever that looks like for you.


I am a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology practicum student at Yorkville University. I have a military background and feel deeply connected to issues of identity, belonging, and meaning-making. It would be my honour and privilege to serve alongside you in your life’s campaign.


Individual & Couples Counselling

In-person sessions

Are available in our spacious, one of a kind therapy rooms.