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Carson Kivari

Counsellor & Clinic Director

No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven whose roots don’t reach to hell

— Carl G. Jung


$150/50 min

Psychedelic Consultation

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Psychedelic integration


Spirituality and waking up


Grief and transition


Self-esteem and inner-critic


Adult and childhood trauma; PTSD


Sex and relationships


Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy


Trauma-Informed Parts Work


Inner Healing Intelligence


Chakra-Focused Counselling


Psychedelic Breathwork

Over my combined 17 years of education and practice, I have enjoyed the privilege of learning the patterns of our nervous systems. Old traumatic residue is carried as a ‘body memory,’ long detached from the source of the pain. And so, despite your best self-care, you may experience anxiety and numbness like a mysterious poltergeist in your house: “Why do you haunt me still?”

Working with me means answering the hero’s call to explore dark caves and deep oceans, releasing traumatic stress through a shared journey into the brain and body. If you feel ready to give up a life of strategy, analysis and clinging in favour of trust, faith and surrender to the mystery of being, we are a good fit. My style of healing steers those who are asleep to our nature towards resonance with cosmic guidance; the great sigh of relief in waking up and remembering what we truly are (spoiler: it’s good news).

To the delight of the world, the great medicines of our ancestors are now more readily available to support the healing journey. While trauma-informed counselling still resonates deeply with me, my experiences with sacred plants and psychedelic compounds have captured my focus. It has become a personal mission to help the world understand the possibility of transformation that may be accessed with these medicines. I would be glad to explore your appropriateness for psychedelic medicine, as well as to help plan and integrate trips.