Carson Kivari

Founder & Clinic Director

EMDR Trained Practitioner

Carson Kivari smiling on camera

No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven whose roots don’t reach to hell

— Carl G. Jung

Carson Kivari sitting on a couch



MA Counselling Psychology (Hons w Distinction), UBC


BA Psych (Hons), UBCO



Psychedelic integration


Men's issues


Military and service trauma


Spirituality and waking up


Grief and transition


Self-esteem and inner-critic


Attachment trauma


Adult and childhood trauma; PTSD


Clinical supervision



Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy




Internal Family Systems


Trauma Focused Therapy

Do you find yourself overwhelmed, anxious and fighting burnout? Maybe you feel lethargic, foggy and detached as if life is on autopilot. Perhaps relationships are suffering, work feels like too much and self-criticism is driving you to your limits. It’s OK to feel lost—you are not broken!

On the contrary, anxiety and depression are actually your body doing its best to adapt to having endured too much for too long. Think about how much strength it takes to endure the crises, rejections, betrayals and pressures of being human… And you have done just that.

In my combined 17 years of practice and education, I have seen that we all hit a point where our strategy of ‘pushing through’ hits its limits. At this point, we need to slow down and listen. Are you living in line with our values? Are you relationships and career feeding you? Do you know who you are and what you want?

Working with me means answering the hero’s call to explore dark caves and deep oceans, releasing traumatic stress through a shared journey into the brain and body. Together we will undo aloneness, reminding you that safety, connection and purpose are your rights as a human being.


Credentials and Licensing:

Registered Clinical Counsellor 11827 of the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors


Professional Affiliation

  •  Project manager for Movember Canada funded Men’s Transition Program
  • Ethics consultant for UBC’s Man Art Action Project


Awards & Recognition

  • Award for undergraduate thesis investigating how male socialization gets in the way of therapy
  • $36,000 in combined acedemic scholarships
  • Honours with Distinction recognition in master’s degree


Publications and Contributions:

  • Published author in American Journal of Men’s Health
  • Producer of educational documentary on helping men in groups with action-based therapy
  • Member of the UK Male Psychology Network – Published author in book related to men’s military care
  • Resident counsellor for upcoming Men’s Kayaking Retreat