In-person sessions are available following the most recent COVID-19 guidelines

Carson Kivari

Counsellor & Clinic Director
The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.
— Joseph Campbell

$150/50 min

Individual Counselling

$170/50 min

Couples Counselling

Psychedelic integration


Depression and anxiety


Grief and transition


Self-esteem and inner-critic


Adult and childhood trauma; PTSD


Sex and relationships


Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy


Trauma-Informed Parts Work


Inner Healing Intelligence


Chakra-Focused Counselling


Psychedelic Breathwork

Over my combined 16 years of education and practice, I have enjoyed the privilege of learning the patterns of our nervous systems. Old traumatic residue is carried as a ‘body memory,’ long detached from the source of the pain. And so, despite your best self-care, you may experience anxiety and numbness like a mysterious poltergeist in your house: “Why do you haunt me still?”

Working with me means answering the hero’s call to explore dark caves and deep oceans, releasing traumatic stress through a shared journey into the brain and body. If you are human, it is certain you have felt the pain of abandonment, rejection and betrayal. It is my goal to guide you from the pain of aloneness to the relief of connection and the astonishing realization that you were never broken in the first place.

To the delight of the world, the great medicines of our ancestors are now more readily available to support the healing journey. While trauma-informed counselling still resonates deeply with me, my experiences with sacred plants and psychedelic compounds have captured my focus. It has become a personal mission to help the world understand the possibility of transformation that may be accessed with these medicines. I would be glad to explore your appropriateness for psychedelic medicine, as well as to help plan and integrate trips.