Jay Dubeta

Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner & ICF Certified Life Coach

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And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

— Anais nin

Jay Dubeta

$130/60 minutes

Not covered by extended insurance

$175/90 minutes

Not covered by extended insurance


Depression and anxiety


Inner child healing work


Developmental trauma


Trauma-informed parts work


Addictions issues


Major life transitions


Vision, values & purpose discovery


Identity & self-esteem


Dr. Gabor Mate's Compassionate Inquiry


ICF Life Coaching


Mindfulness & Self Compassion


Internal Family Systems


Person Centered Therapy


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Jay Dubeta - Thrive Downtown

Life, what a journey, right?

At times it can feel like it’s ‘on our side’ and everything is going in our favor. At other times, like ‘it’s against us’ and everything seems to be falling apart… or, already has.

Of course, I can’t know what’s brought you here in this moment, but I can imagine you’ve been through something painful, confusing – even devastating – recently, (or in the past), that has you looking for help.

You may be dealing with feelings of shock, anger, loss, regret, guilt or shame, deep sadness, hopelessness, even despair, and may be feeling lost in your life.

Perhaps, as a result of what’s happened, you’ve been feeling alien to yourself and your life lately.

You might be questioning yourself, your decisions, relationships, and the life you’ve been living, and may be in a place of uncertainty and confusion.

Perhaps in the aftermath of great loss, you find yourself being hard on yourself and blaming yourself (or others) for what’s happened, rejecting or denying yourself, or may be dealing with thoughts of self-harm and even suicide.

Taken together, it all feels too overwhelming to deal with and you’re not sure where to start, but you know you want more for yourself, which is what has brought you here looking for help.

If that’s the case, please take a moment to  pause here to acknowledge yourself for your courage… (pause)…Asking for help is a HUGE first step.

Whatever you are dealing with, I’m here to tell you as someone who’s been through it too, that firstly: you are not broken.

And secondly – it’s not your fault, and it didn’t start with you.

Often, our greatest personal challenges started much earlier in life in situations where we didn’t feel safe, seen, or loved by our primary care-givers, (or among our peers in adolescence), and received painful false messages about who we are, our capabilities and our value.

And, we developed coping strategies and beliefs that helped us emotionally survive these experiences, but which later cause significant difficulties in our adult lives.

Although these confusions can be painful, thankfully they don’t need to be a life-sentence, and can be taken as opportunities to heal and transform our relationship to ourselves and life itself by learning how to re-parent and befriend ourselves, and begin to see things anew.

As a Therapeutic Life Coach, my intention is to gently hold you through a process of inner transformation  by acting as a friendly, caring and supportive guide and mirror for you, one who will ask curious questions that help you shine a light on the dark places you wouldn’t normally look, to help you access your own inner resources and wisdom, and find the clarity and answers you are seeking from within.

And, to challenge you at times – when you are ready – to help you go beyond your current (past) level of thinking to make bold and empowering new choices that align with your core essence and values, helping you take further steps toward embodying your most authentic self  and inspired life!

Together, we’ll create a safe container of trust and collaboration in which we’ll address whatever specific challenges are coming up for you, and get to the root cause of them by taking a safe and integrative mind-body approach of bringing curiosity to your experiences, and working with the body’s  wisdom and memories to bring deep emotional healing to the places that need it, helping you to feel safe, clear and empowered in your own skin again.

We’ll also work to identify and release any false self-limiting beliefs that have been running your life, (perhaps causing you to ‘self-sabotage’ at times), by exploring how and why they formed, what their function is, and how they have served you up until now. 

In other words, we’ll use these moments as profound opportunities to restore internal trust and safety to your nervous system by bringing newfound levels of compassionate self understanding, love and acceptance to your experience, helping you return to your natural state of being – which is Wholeness.

Ultimately, this work is about leading you back home to your true Self, of becoming your own best friend, and developing a constant ally who you can always rely on. The best friend you’ve always wanted.. You! 🙂

It would be my honor to walk alongside you on your healing journey, and help you create the life and relationships you know you are worthy of living and receiving.

To your best life, and warm regards,