Marwan Noueihed

Master of Counselling Psychology, Canadian Certified Counsellor
Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
— Oscar Wilde

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You’re Not Broken

If you’re reading my bio, your experience may have been so overwhelming that your view of yourself and the world have been shattered. You may feel like your thoughts are scattered, your emotions are all over the place and you’re a stranger in your own body. This doesn’t mean you’re broken though. You did something right to be here today.

A Different Path

While “traditional” therapy inhabits the world of words and stories, I’m inviting you to join me on a different path. Sensorimotor Psychotherapy was specifically designed to treat trauma, and works by helping you develop skills to regulate your nervous system and shift trauma patterns. This approach brings awareness to the body’s wisdom and is mindfully explored mainly in the language of the five senses, sensations and movement.

Discovery and Exploration

Using a sensorimotor approach, we’ll discover the intelligent and creative resources you’ve already developed to get through every day. We’ll also explore triggers and experiment with muscle tone, posture and movement to discover new resources that will help you stay in your window of tolerance (the zone within which you can tolerate your thoughts, emotions and sensations).

When you’re ready to work with painful memories, we’ll explore them frame by frame, in a gentle way and at a pace that you can remain aware. We will work together to discharge trauma held in your body by discovering the involuntary sensations that come up in the moment, and by completing empowering actions that wanted to happen during the past event/s.

Finally, we’ll explore the legacy of limiting core beliefs and dysregulating emotions on your body. We’ll work together to shift these patterns and create new meaning so you can live a new normal – a new way of being, walking in the world, relating and connecting with people and moving forward.