University is stressful at the best of times, especially when the pressures of grad school set in. Exams, deadlines, and research pile up, meanwhile you are expected to balance your social life with plans for the future. At Thrive Consulting, we are dedicated to helping students across a number of areas.

Physical stress: High stress hormone levels, impaired sleep, upset stomach, anxiety and depression… These are common consequences of school pressure that have a way of self-perpetuating. All of which stand in the way of the achieving your goals.

Self-care: Sleeping in and feeling groggy, eating poorly, drinking too much, spending more time than you’d like on the computer or online gaming, isolating yourself from others… These are ineffective coping strategies and outcomes of school stress that often leave us unsatisfied and beating ourselves up.students

Self-worth: We often feel pressured by family to excel in subjects that we might not even care much about. Worse, our sense of being a good person can be attached to getting a good grade.

Relationships: For many of us, university brings new options and challenges in our personal relationships that we have never encountered before. While some stress and confusion is normal, sometimes the complex dynamics of dating and friendship can feel like they are taking over your whole life.

All of the above happens for good reasons, and you are not alone. Thrive Consultants have specialized experience working with students and are trained to help transform your struggles into opportunities for growth. They will work with you to create a customized plan to help you optimize your health and to set and meet personally meaningful goals.

Covered by your Student Health Plan

Our student package for UBC and SFU students takes place over 4 sessions tailored to your unique needs, and fees are 100% reimbursed by your student health plan. To start your package, contact us for booking or use the booking code StudentHealth.

Consultants who have been right where you are.

Our consultants know exactly where you’re coming from, because we have survived UBC undergrad and graduate experiences as well. For more info on our backgrounds, click here.

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