An emerging identity should not come at odds with individual or family wellbeing.

While the teen years can mean growth and opportunity, challenges and conflicts are not only common, but to be expected. The brain is quickly changing in a demanding and often confusing social climate. In the age of testosterone and mounting social pressure, how can the future men of tomorrow discover independence in a safe and responsible manner? 

At Thrive, we balance the paradoxical need of teens for both independent identity and structured decision making. We team up to address common issues like drug and alcohol use, depression and anxiety, family discord, bullying, self-harm, eating disorders, learning disabilities, sexuality, and identity.  

Nobody wants to feel broken.

We avoid pathologizing and clinical language, instead helping to build strengths and self-esteem. Rather than ‘fixing what is broken,’ we help to train highly effective skills in communication, emotional regulation, self-awareness and decision making. Our approach is neuroscience informed and family friendly.

High school can be hell.

Find your own path through it with us.