Our Services

Get started on your healing journey—all it takes is a single step.

You’ve made it this far. Keep the momentum going by selecting the type of counselling that suits your needs, and book a session using our confidential system.

Video And In-Person Sessions

Therapy that matches your needs for connection and safety.

Thrive offers Online Counselling sessions through Zoom and Jane, which follow Canada’s standards for professional and personal privacy. Just click the invitation link your counsellor will send prior to your appointment.

In-person sessions are available in our spacious therapy rooms with 6-8 feet of distance.

Individual Counselling

Find support and begin to heal.

Get one-on-one support and transform your relationship with yourself—from one riddled with depression and anxiety into one filled with motivation, spontaneity, and a sense of self-worth..

charming girl smiling and sunset in the background

Couples Counselling

Cultivate joy and resilience in your relationship.

Work together with your partner to overcome negative cycles and patterns of behaviour in your relationship. Learn to interpret each other’s hidden messages and rediscover the joy of being together.

A happy couple with the woman piggyback riding on the man, both looking at the camera with big smiles.

Low-Cost Counselling

Are your finances getting in the way? Find out about our Low-Cost Therapy options.

Therapy at reduced rates, provided by Masters-program therapists from local universities.


Psychedelic Integration

Break through personal barriers and explore your self—and the world—through new perspectives

If traditional forms of therapy have left you disappointed, psychedelics might offer a new path. Learn how they work to promote growth and healing across personal, relational, and spiritual dimensions.