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Hey you!

You are here because you can feel it, can’t you? That marvelous life that’s just out of reach. It’s so close, that you almost know what it would be like…

In this life, you love everything about yourself. Your days are fuelled by passion, and your relationships are full of joy and trust. Each morning you wake to a purpose that drives you ever onward!

When you already know what you want, only one question remains: How do you get to where you sense you can be – a life filled with love and success?

Somehow, you’re just not getting the results you want.

You’ve done everything you’re supposed to do – listened to your parents, read the self-help books, signed up to podcasts, meditated, hit the gym, maybe even gone for counselling…

But somehow, no matter how much time you put into yourself, it’s never quite done the wonders you saw it doing for everyone else!

So the real question you’re left looking at is: what’s the missing piece? And how can you start getting results that lead to real, lasting transformation – inside and out – leaving you feeling happy?

Break free today!

What if you no longer had to force yourself to do what you’re “supposed to”? What if you never had to carry around the burden of feeling like you should be doing something, but knowing deep down it wouldn’t make the change you wanted? What if you knew how to do exactly what would work for YOU?

Together, we’ll use the Thrive model to build a concrete plan that brings this change to you. No prescriptions, no weird substances, just proven techniques backed by decades of research and hundreds of happy clients.

Most importantly, we will never ask you to change who you are. All you need to do is have the courage to be true to YOURSELF.

Here’s a look at how your relationships will change after being able to love yourself.

Your Relationship with Your Self

  • No more frustration over not reaching your true potential.
  • No more struggles with anxiety or depression.
  • No more nots: feeling “not good enough”, “not attractive enough” or “not successful enough”.
  • The FREEDOM in finally pursuing your own path to happiness.
  • The FREEDOM in your new-found confidence and inner strength.
  • The FREEDOM in feeling worthy to have everything you desire.

Your Relationship with Others

  • No more feeling like you have to prove yourself to others.
  • No more “toxic” relationships that drain your energy and your drive.
  • No more tolerating social situations that make you feel fake and superficial.
  • The FREEDOM in attracting authentic, like-minded people who have their own paths in life.
  • The FREEDOM in finding trust and meaning in your relationships with loved ones, free of fears.
  • The FREEDOM in having the kind of positive energy that people naturally want to be around.

That sounds great, but why isn’t my life like that naturally?

The idea that you aren’t true to yourself might sound strange; after all, you’ve followed all the rules of society and chased after what you want, right? But society doesn’t care if we’re happy or not, just that we contribute to society’s well-being. Spend your hard-earned money on these supplements, or you won’t be healthy. Buy these clothes, or you won’t fit in. Go into debt to pay for school, or you won’t be able to provide for your family. Do this or you will not get that. Nothing but need, need, and more need.

Since society has raised you to always feel afraid of what you’re missing, you’ve developed an inner voice that tells you that you’re never good enough.

You know that voice; that negative self-talk that spits out things like:

Self talk man running on treadmill
Self talk man running on treadmill

Learning how to overcome this and find your true inner voice requires a complete retraining of your mind.

We know how to help


We’ve experienced life at its darkest ourselves, and know what it takes to climb back up. We also know that this is something everyone can do, which is why it’s our personal mission to be the guides that walk you through every step needed to transform your life. And we’re not just working from our own individual experiences: our team members are all Registered Clinical Counsellors with Masters Degrees from the most prestigious program in Canada.

We speak your language


We’re here to be that straight-talking, in-your-corner support you always wanted; we’ll never hide behind jargon or let anything get in the way of the truth you need to hear. And because of this, together we will overcome that pesky inner voice and discover the freedom in becoming the most vibrant, stunning version of yourself who is loved by the person who matters most… YOU!

Your Questions

Is Thrive right for me?

If you know your life could be better, but just don’t know how to get there…
If you want to wake up every day feeling motivated and passionate about your life…
If you’re ready to leave behind your past and put work into yourself where it counts most…
Then congratulations, we’ll do amazing things together!

How fast will I experience results?

We’re not just saying this for hype, but we’ve had clients tell us about immediate changes for good they were able to make in their lives after only 3 weeks with us. Once you’ve made the commitment to yourself to improve, you’ll see powerful, lasting results in your mental state, your energy, your happiness, and your relationship is as little as six weeks. And if you’re not the type to commit – even to yourself – don’t worry, that’s where our road will begin together.

Does insurance cover your fees?

Yes! Our Registered Clinical Counsellors (R.C.C.)’s fees are reimbursed by many extended medical plans such as Pacific Blue Cross, Great-West Life, EAPS, and ihaveaplan.ca (UBC/SFU students).

How private are our sessions?

Our office is soundproofed to ensure maximum confidentiality, and our records are kept under military-grade encryption.

Unless you or those close to you are in imminent danger, anything in session stays between you and your counsellor. (Your clinician will review confidentiality in your first session).