Why should men get counselling?




Imagine what would happen if this pressure couldn’t vent.


It can be easy to get caught off-guard by the build-up of stress. One second you’re on top of life, then suddenly you realize things feel different.



Sleep has stopped being restful. Either it comes in fits and bursts, or you spend hours in bed without feeling refreshed at all.


Your nerves are wound tightly; you may feel shaky or constantly on edge without knowing why.


Irritation and rage can come more easily. You suddenly want to lash out in response to things that never bothered you much before.


Isolation sets in as you pull away from the people who meant the most to you, and stop doing the things you used to love.

Whatever is going on, you know that something isn’t right.


These symptoms are like the “check-engine” light in your car. When it comes on, you know there’s something you need to deal with.


That’s where we come in.

The counselling process is similar to recovering from an injury. First, we deal with the issues you’re experiencing right now, the strain or stress, to get you to a healthy place where you can live your life without constantly being in pain.

Then we work with you to figure out: what exactly caused the pain in the first place, and how can we avoid it recurring?

By the end of our sessions, we want you to walk away equipped with the tools to move forward, and ready to tackle everything the world has to offer.

Ready to Master the Art of Living Well?