Estairia Hong

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (Candidate)

EMDR Trained Practitioner

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The world needs you!

— Estairia Hong

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In the constant battle to match societal norms you may find yourself sticking out like a sore thumb. You might find that no matter how well you adapt to your environment you have an inner desire to just be yourself and to stop caring what other people think. But the pressures to perform, be productive and be useful overpower that voice within, limiting its expression.

The more you ignore this inner voice, the louder distractions become until one day you are forced to make changes because of illness, presenting symptoms such anxiety, depression and ADHD, or when an overwhelming event knocks you off your feet and you lose yourself. Any sense of control is lost and you finally realize you might need some help.

In collaboration, together we figure out what works best for you. We are all uniquely whole individual beings with our own perspectives and experiences in life that shape us as who we are in this moment. I promise to help you map out these patterns, building deep awareness of who you are and where you are going. This gives you insight, freedom of choice and intention instead of just operating on autopilot. My approach is gentle with emphasis on small steps that lead to big changes in your life.

I live the lifestyle that I specialize in. I practice with a lens of power and oppression dynamics. I am aware of how being BIPOC can affect the way people treat us. I am aware of how being part of a collective culture living in an individual culture can create challenges. I am aware of how lesbians can be treated in male-dominated environments or just walking out on the streets. I am aware of how judgment is easily placed on having more than one partner.

You aren’t alone and I want to help you.