Low Cost Counselling

Don’t let your finances stop you from getting the help you deserve

Thrive supports graduate counsellors-in-training and provides you with low-cost counselling

Thrive Counselling Center is a practicum site for Master students currently enrolled in counselling programs. This allows us to provide you with a low-cost option so you can gain access to the support you need, regardless of your financial situation.

Intern Counsellors get direct supervision from our senior clinicians and are able to offer heavily discounted sessions.

We have served thousands of clients over the years through this program. Our intern counsellors would love to serve you as well.

Counselling is most effective when you receive it regularly. Our Intern Counsellors offer individual sessions for $65 an hour and couples sessions for $80.

What is Low Cost Counselling?

It’s no secret that inflation has driven up living costs across Canada. For many folks, this may mean that it costs too much to work with a registered therapist as the bar rises on affordable counselling. In Vancouver, low cost counselling is available however and may be a solution to high living costs.

This means working with a graduate student currently completing their master’s degree in counselling psychology. Thrive takes care to hire students who are skilled, educated and who have their hearts in the right place. Our low-cost therapists receive ongoing supervision from a Thrive director so your case is overseen with the highest ethical level of trauma-informed care. 

Low-Cost Counselling Benefits

The greatest advantage of more affordable therapy is that it helps you get in the door more frequently. It is far better to see a low-cost counsellor every week or two than to see a full-fee counsellor every month or so. 

Consistency is key. It is best to form an ongoing trusted relationship with someone who knows your story who can guide you through the journey. This is much easier when the work is affordable and accessible.

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What services are offered as part of Thrive’s Low-Cost Counselling?

For reduced cost counselling, Vancouver Downtown has options available as part of our Affordable Mental Health Services Project. Our low-cost therapists offer individual, couples and family counselling. You can access essentially all the services offered by our registered full-fee therapists, albeit at much lower cost.

How does Low-Cost Counselling work?

Our reduced fee counselling operates just the same as our full-fee counselling. You’ll book via our online calendar, our online contact form or with a phone call before meeting with your therapist for 50 or 80 minute sessions. These take place either at our downtown office or via the web-based platform Zoom.

Jes Logher, an Intern Counsellor

Jes Logher

Intern Counsellor

Welcome to a safe space where healing begins and the journey towards a more resilient you unfolds. If you are feeling stuck, anxious, depressed, or burnt out, know that you are not alone. This is where I am here to help. Together we can explore the complexities of feelings, identify stuck patterns and help you connect more deeply to who you are…

andrew jarvis

Andrew Jarvis

Intern Counsellor

Life can be immensely challenging, and asking for help can be a battle in and of itself. Reaching out is a profoundly courageous act and I commend you for it. Numbness, anger, anxiety, and depression are ways that our bodies communicate with us, carrying the message that it is time to speak to the parts of ourselves we locked away…


$65 + GST Per Hour

Individual Counselling

$80 + GST Per Hour

Couple Counselling

Other Counselling Services

Free Consult

Individual Counselling

Take charge of your emotional well-being by seeking out individual counselling today!
Couples Counselling

Couples Counselling

Strengthen your relationship and improve your emotional well-being by seeking couple counselling today!
Psychedelic Integration

Psychedelic Integration

Explore if psychedelics may be safe and effective as a part of your healing journey 

EMDR Counselling

The goal of the therapy is to change the way that memory is stored in the brain, ultimately reducing problematic symptoms.

Low Cost Counselling FAQs

Does BC MSP Cover Low-Cost Counselling?

MSP does not cover counselling services in British Columbia. Low-Cost Counsellors are covered however under most extended benefit plans. Please always call or check their website first however, as we have no way of knowing if your unique plan covers counselling. What MSP does cover are visits with a psychiatrist who most typically will help you with pharmaceuticals as part of a medical approach. Speak with a GP to learn more about how to access a psychiatrist as you’ll need them to write you a referral.

How Much Does it Cost To See A Low-Cost Counsellor in BC?

The rates range from space to space. There are some grant-subsidized counselling centres such as Family Services of Greater Vancouver that may offer discounted counselling as low as $30, however there is often a waitlist of 4+ months. In other spaces the rate may be as high as $90. The cost at Thrive is $65 for a 50-minute individual session.

What is the average cost of counselling services in Vancouver?

This is hard to estimate. Rates of counsellors across the Lower Mainland increased with very little organization during the economic recession. While counsellors used to follow guidelines from their registration bodies, it seems like everyone sort of decided their own rates over the last few years. Registered counsellor rates seem to vary from $120-$200. In terms of free counselling, Vancouver has some options available. Look into the JFS Centre or UBC Counselling Psychology Counselling Centre. Keep in mind, the waitlist will be quite long so try to get on as soon as you can. You may also check out this helpful list from Willow Tree Counselling that shares a number of ideas for cheap counselling Vancouver, including low fee Therapy and sliding scale counselling.

Do you offer sliding scale rates for people who cannot afford to pay full price?

Yes. Just let us know your situation in the contact form and we can help provide economical counselling.

How to access Low-Cost Counselling services?

Are there any time restrictions associated with receiving counselling at a low-cost?

Yes and no. Yes, in the sense that our low-cost counsellors work with Thrive for 12 months. This means that whoever you work with will leave their role providing reduced fee therapy at one point. If finances allow, you can always continue to work with them, however it will be at a raised rate as they register as a counsellor. The answer is no in the sense that you are welcome to continue low-cost counselling at Thrive for as many weeks, months or years as you would like, taking into account that the therapist would change every 12 months.

Who is eligible for low-cost counselling services?

Kind-to-your-budget therapy is available to anyone. Reach out any time to get the process started.