The Benefits of Low Cost Counselling: A Guide to Affordable Mental Health Care

Mar 7, 2023

When you feel low and need someone to talk to, cost shouldn’t hold you back. We have witnessed many patients understand their need for therapy, but financial restraints keep them from seeking help. It is hard to keep yourself grounded when you are clearly struggling. Mainstream therapy services, while reasonable, can be expensive. We acknowledge how helpless it can feel to have all service providers before you but not be able to access them.  

There is little awareness of the alternative options with equally qualified and licensed therapists offering help at a low price. Everyone deserves proper care for their mental health, and affordable therapy has made it possible. It just takes a bit more research to find the right one for you and your budget. 


Benefits of Reduced-Cost Counselling

Here are some benefits of low-cost counselling that showcase how affordable therapy can be a silver lining to your mental health journey. 

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1. Accessibility to Mental Health Care 

The primary aim of providing affordable or free mental health services is to make them more accessible. It is an ideal option for clients with a tight budget, or students who cannot yet afford to pay for it. Oftentimes, reduced-cost counselling is also given remotely. One can connect with their therapist through text or phone calls when they are struggling to regulate their emotions at a comfortable price range. 


2. Reduced Financial Burden

When the cost is not as straining, it is easier for patients to connect for follow-up sessions and receive proper, timely care. You do not have to worry about spending a heavy amount of money that can possibly interrupt other basic needs. As the budget is reduced and brought closer to what you can invest in, the process of healing is undisturbed. Instead of forcing a once-in-a-month heavy expense, you can check in with your counsellor time and again at a low price. There is no need to sacrifice other lifestyle needs and still be able to aid your mental struggles. Needless to say, it eliminates the added financial stress and anxiety of not being able to afford mental help.


3. Quality of Care and Outcomes

There lies an underlying myth that the quality of budget-friendly mental health services is downgraded. But we are here to assure you that it is not the truth. Our reduced-cost counselling Vancouver services are affordable because we have highly-capable and well-spirited Graduate interns working under the direct supervision of practicing therapists. They are constantly guided and mentored by experts to provide the best care for your mental support. There is no compromise in the quality of care as we select the best out of hundreds of Graduates dedicated to helping more people. 


4. Reduced Stigma Surrounding Mental Health Care

If you can’t decide if counselling is worth the investment for their tight budget or not, sliding-scale therapy sessions may be the answer. Therapy doesn’t have to be a lesser priority because of the stigma and the expense. For one, sliding scale therapy is more comfortable to fit into one’s budget. And with that, when you join a session, it helps figure out what kind of help you are seeking. It also provides a space for trying different therapists to find what works best for you. Therapy for all can be the first step to breaking through the stigma as it gives an opportunity for everyone to give it a go. 


How to Make the Most of Reduced-Cost Counselling

Along with all the wonders reduced-cost counselling can bring to your mental health, it does come with a limited time and budget in hand. We understand, in some cases, multiple sessions spread out through weeks or months may become straining. You can try making the most of the accessible sessions until then. 

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    1. Setting Counselling Goals

Pointing out your goals from the session can save you a whole lot of minutes and make the most of therapy. Try setting an aim for each session, and have practical expectations. It is no surprise that one counselling session may not be able to fix all your problems. But understanding what you initially feel and setting goals for how you want to feel after the session can help build up the conversation. Try introspecting about what it is that you are struggling with. But at the same time, we want to acknowledge that it’s okay if you can’t understand that feeling. It is what therapy is for. 


   2. Communication with your Therapist

Communication is key, even in therapy. When talking to a counsellor, the core lies in how comfortable you are with them and how far you are willing to step out of your window of tolerance. If you have insecurities about the conversations that may arise when it comes to privacy or security, try clearing them out at the beginning of the session. We understand that not everything can be covered in one session and there still may be more you want to reflect upon. There are more affordable follow-up sessions post-therapy. You can start small and build up eventually. 


   3. Building a Strong Therapeutic Relationship

Your therapist is going to support your most sensitive self with compassion and no judgment. Still, it can take time to build a stronger connection, there’s only enough you can say in one session. However, it is important to break any walls that may be stopping you from opening up to them. If you don’t feel safe yet, share what aspect of the moment is contributing to that feeling. When you have a better grip on the dimensions of the conversations you are about to have, you can dive deeper into helping them understand the help you are seeking. 


   4. Don’t Forget, you’re not in this Alone

There are thousands of struggling souls seeking a support system to lift them up. It is common for individuals to be demotivated to go for therapy because it feels out of their reach. With the popularity of affordable counselling, know that help is much closer than it seems. You deserve help no matter the scenario, financial background, or farther proximity. And there are thousands like you trying to understand their emotion, searching for the right counsellor, and stepping into their first affordable counselling session. 



When it gets harder to tune your inner strings, you don’t have to let financial barriers come in between the support you need. Therapy is at a reachable distance with reduced-cost counselling sessions. These services are accessible to more people with no compromise in the quality of the service provided. There is no financial pressure to spend too much when times get tough. 

You deserve mental health support through all the odds. With more research, you can find the best therapist who can fit in with your emotional demands and limited expenses. We encourage you to start reaching out if you need help. You are worth all the support, and we are here to remind you that there always is a way to access that support. 


Ready to prioritize your mental health? Book a counselling session today and take the first step towards a happier, healthier you.

Carson Kivari

Carson Kivari

Carson Kivari is the Founder and Clinic Director of Thrive Downtown, with years of experience helping individuals and couples overcome anxiety, depression, and burnout. He guides clients on a journey of self-exploration and trauma release to find purpose, connection, and safety. Take the first step towards healing and contact Carson today to schedule a session.

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