Magic Mushrooms Wont Cure You — They’ll Do Something Better

As an angsty teenager trying magic mushrooms for the first time on that fateful Halloween in 2003, I never dreamed that I would see the day when psychedelics transformed how we approach mental wellness. These days, there are mushroom stores on block corners and news platforms are constantly sharing articles about the benefits of psychedelics in the healing process. Meanwhile, my own psychedelic integration clinic is attracting the increasing attention of Western North America. What a time to be alive!

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Carson spent a decade working with military trauma and developing Thrive. These days he feels called to support his growing team and create community.
Carson Kivari
Carson Kivari

Carson Kivari is the Founder and Clinic Director of Thrive Downtown, with 17 years of experience helping individuals and couples overcome anxiety, depression, and burnout. He guides clients on a journey of self-exploration and trauma release to find purpose, connection, and safety. Take the first step towards healing and contact Carson today to schedule a session.