Psychedelic Integration

Explore whether psychedelics may be safe and helpful for you

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Could psychedelics be helpful in the healing process?

Media such as Michael Pollan’s How To Change Your Mind has created great excitement about psychedelics and healing. Thrive’s Vancouver Counselling Services wants to meet this enthusiasm with realistic caution, helping to educate the public on when psychedelics are and are not a good idea.

Possibly Recommended


Willing to view healing as a process that takes time and patience


Can commit to planning and followup counselling sessions


Have a safe support network


Can afford to invest in yourself


Basic level of emotional stability




People looking for a 'quick fix' that bypasses therapy


Desperation or last resort


Psychosis, Bipolar I or II or Cluster B diagnoses


Current use of antidepressants


Basing expectations off a book or TV

Want to explore if psychedelics may be safe and effective in the case of your own healing?

Contemporary research is helping us to know when and for whom psychedelics are safe and appropriate

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Ethical Caution

We observe that when used safety, psychedelics can be transformative. This is an era, however, when TV shows and news articles are suggesting mind altering substances are magic fixes for anxiety, depression and trauma.

We consider this irresponsible. Our goal is to help educate the public on a safer standard of psychedelic usage. Practice and research tell us the safest and most helpful results of psychedelics come from using them with the guidance of therapists, teachers, guides and elders. 

Thrive is not here to promote the use of psychedelics. We actually spend a fair amount of time talking people out using them. 

For those who undergo an assessment however—and who we see as in a safe and ready spot—we are here to assist you to minimize risks and explore best practices in using psychedelics as part of your healing journey.

If you are in an appropriately ready place, the educated use of psychedelics may help you forward in your healing

The symbolic experiences of psychedelics are often hard to translate to the real world, and over time can fade until they become like a half-forgotten dream.

Psychedelic Integration refers to the therapy that happens after a trip. It describes the process of turning psychedelic journeys into meaningful life change that lasts long after the trip.

We consider it irresponsible and ill-advised to take transformational doses of psychedelics without a plan for integration. Our therapists are here to help you ground your trips into practical change.

The insights, behaviour changes and lifestyle shifts that happen after a trip are where most of the actual change happens

Three keys for integration work

Body Experiencing

Body Experiencing

Emotional Processing

Emotional Processing

Making Sense Of The Trip

Making Sense Of The Trip

Exploring Psychedelics In Your Healing

If you are willing to commit to planning and integration sessions, understand that healing requires patience and learning to connect to your body, and understand it is possible we will recommend that you don’t take psychedelics, we would love to hear from you.

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