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Psychedelic Integration

Break through personal barriers and explore your self—and the world—through new perspectives

Why Psychedelics?

If traditional therapies have left you disappointed, psychedelics may offer a ray of hope.

Rooted in millennia of tradition, psychedelics are mind-altering plants and chemicals with the potential to promote growth and healing across personal, relational, and spiritual dimensions.

In western terms, psychedelics have a long track record of assisting in recovery from:


Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)






Treatment-resistant depression


Opioid addiction


Fear surrounding cancer diagnosis and death


Reducing returns to jail and criminal behaviour

While it is not yet legal to guide trips in Canada without government licensing, hundreds of thousands of Canadians are starting to experiment with psychedelic healing.

This type of treatment is enjoying its latest golden era through the rigorous interest of flagship medical research centres such as Johns Hopkins University.

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Contemporary research is confirming what ancient cultures around the world have long known: the benefits of these plants and compounds are far-reaching

How Do Psychedelics Affect the Brain?

Imagine that your brain is a cluster of experiences, linked by the meanings you assign to each of them.

The stronger the emotions around these memories, the stronger the connections between them. This is our brain’s way of prioritizing our attention to the things we feel are the most important for our safety.

But what happens if these persistent connections form as a result of negative or traumatic experiences?

You may be safe now, but your brain will still organize reality based on your past experiences of danger or distress. This is meant to keep you safe—even if it prevents your growth and evolution.

Psychedelic treatment appears to deactivate this stubborn, fear-based storytelling—your Default Mode Network—allowing you to write a new narrative.

It can also foster better communication between the left and right sides of your brain—and isn’t better communication always part of the solution?

Psychedelic treatment can help bring you back into the safety and possibility of the present

The Thrive Approach

Our approach combines established modes of psychotherapy with decades of research literature from around the world.

We believe in the transformational power of these medicines. And evidence shows us that recreational use has only a fraction of the benefit when compared to therapeutic use.

We understand that improperly planned use carries risks of long-lasting destabilization or worsening of existing symptoms. We follow the best practices and take every step to make sure each of our clients has the safest, most beneficial experiences possible.

Post-trip integration with a therapist is where 70% of the actual change happens

The symbolical experiences of psychedelics are often hard to translate to the real world, and over time can fade until it becomes like a half-forgotten dream.

Integrative therapies help build insights that emerge during therapy into your daily routines, changing the building blocks of the habits that make up your life.

Conversation, somatic exploration, creative expression—we are here to help you identify the integrative process that works best for you.

Three keys for Integration Work

Body Experiencing

Emotional Processing

Interpreting Abstract Symbolism

Is This The Right TreatmentFor Me?

As part of our intake and trip planning process, we will make sure that:
  • These medicines are right for your unique situation
  • You know how to get the most of your psychedelic therapy
  • You understand the risks—as well as the possibilities
  • You present no health risks or warning signs
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