Why Try Intuitive Healing?

Jan 4, 2022

With all the different modalities that have been available through traditional therapy, it seems we as a collective conscious have reached a plateau. What happens if, after counselling, couples therapy, and career counselling parts of us still seem lost? Symptoms of depression and anxiety seem like the outermost aspects of something deeper you can’t quite put into words. There are these small gaps that can seem minuscule and can easily be overlooked but these gaps are the spaces where new things are possible. The gaps are space. What does space allow? Energy to come in and out.

If we look back to how a human being is created, we were formed in the womb starting as one single cell. How did one cell turn into a human being? Through the transfer of energy. And what do we know about energy? Through the law of conservation, we know that energy cannot be created or destroyed – only converted from one form of energy to another. 

This is where intuitive healing thrives! Working on the energetic level. Energy is always surrounding us. With such an abundance of energy, how can you put words or a modality to it? It never looks one way, it never ends, it’s always changing and it’s been a consistent source of healing that only a few dared to trust they could utilize it to help another. How do we know it’s there? It’s like picking up a sealed box and you shake it and you can hear something rattling inside it. You have no idea what it is but you know there’s something there. Now take that knowing and trust it’s something you can access with your intuition. 

Intuitive healing is an act of faith. This is why so far it’s only been given space in spiritual communities. But it’s time for it to be accessible to everyone. 

What will intuitive healing give you access to?

  • Connection to self, others and the universe
  • Access to universal intelligence 
  • A sense of belonging to something greater than yourself
  • The creator in you
  • Endless possibilities
  • Divine unconditional love
  • Healing at the root level

Is Intuitive Healing Right for You?

Just like psychedelics, intuitive healing isn’t for everyone. It requires trust in oneself and others. You will become aware of different parts of you that you didn’t know existed. It will rattle your brain because you will want to understand it. It’s experiential. And it requires an endless stream of integration. 

Are you willing to do the work for yourself?


Estairia Hong

Estairia Hong

Meet Estairia Hong, Registered Therapeutic Counsellor(CANDIDATE) of Thrive Downtown. With years of experience in the field, she specializes in LGBTQ2S+, Polyamory, Neurodivergence, Inner Child Work, and Shadow Work. Offers therapies such as Sonic Resonance, Trauma & Grief Informed, client-centred, Intuitive Collaboration to help clients find purpose, connection, and safety. Schedule a session today.

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